Cristiana DONDI


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After a double degree in Molecular Biology (collaboration between the University of Milano Bicocca and the University of Paris Diderot- Paris VII) in the context of the European Master of Genetics, I started my PhD in K.Jagla team.

I study the cardiac diversification trying to understand the genetic pathways that control the formation of different types of cardiac cells by applying new technological developments involving whole genomic approaches in cell type resolution that we can use in Drosophila model. 


The goal of my PhD project is to identify the transcriptome specific to each type of cardiac cells and the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation, basics of the process of heart cells diversification.

To do that the main objectives are:

Perform cell-specific translatomic analyses in subsets Drosophila cardiac cells, at different time windows, by applying the Translation Ribosome Affinity Purification (TRAP) method and RNA sequencing,

- Identify cardioblast specific and stage specific translated mRNA

- Perform cell-specific chromatin immunoprecipitation experiments and identify direct targets of cardiac identity genes.

Analyse expression and functions of identified candidate genes and build networks of genes controlling the acquisition of individual properties and model the process of cardiac diversification.