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With many years of experience with Drosophila genetics, transcription factors occupancy, transgenic analysis of enhancer activity and immunohistochemistry and a detailed knowledge of muscle development, I have now a particular interest in understanding cell diversification process in a multi-scale strategy with high resolution.


During my PhD, I studied the activity of the transcription factor Ladybird in multiple aspects of development, including cardiac diversification (Junion et al., 2007).  Early on I started to work on whole genome approaches in Drosophila, by the use of microarray and chromatin immunoprecipitation and developed ChEST method (Junion et al., 2005).

My post-doc project in the Furlong’s lab gave me the opportunity to conduct ChIP-on-chip experiments using the high density oligonucleotide arrays and obtain a more systems level view of development. The Furlong lab is among the world leaders in Drosophila genomics and have pioneered ChIP-on-chip experiments with tissue-specific TFs.  My post-doc project was based on the study of the specification of the cardiogenic field into cardioblasts (Junion et al., 2012).

My current research activity in iGReD is based on the study of the process of cell diversification by integrating in the lab cell-specific whole genome approaches (TRAP, INTACT). We are interested in transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation and with the help of targeted transcriptomic approaches and specific gene disruption (CRISPR method)  we want to identify molecular mechanisms giving rise to particular muscle or cardiac cells types. Understanding how cells acquire their own properties during development is crucial to appreciate complexity of organs and their potential evolution towards pathological conditions.


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