Silvere BARON


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2011 - Research Management Degree (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches) Université Clermont Auvergne, Université Blaise Pascal

"LXRs roles in Physiopathology of Prostate Gland"

2005 - Assistant Professor (Maître de Conférences des Universités), Université Clermont Auvergne, Université Blaise Pascal

Pr. JMA Lobaccaro team "Oxysterols, LXRs and steroidogenic tissues", Génétique Reproduction et Développement UMR CNRS6247 INSERM U931 Clermont Université.

2004 - Post-doctoral training, Institut Cochin INSERM U567, Département d'Hématologie

"Identification of new partners of RelB and IKKa in the NF-kB transduction pathway"

2004 - Doctoral training, Molecular Physiology and Genetics - Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology

"Identification of non genomic effects of androgen receptor on PI3K-AKT transduction pathway and survival" Mentoring Pr. Laurent MOREL. Unité Génétique des Eucaryotes Endocrinologie Moléculaire UMR-CNRS 6547 Blaise Pascal University


Liver X receptors (LXRs) belong to the nuclear receptor superfamily. These receptors are present in both isoforms, LXRα and LXRβ, and are activated by binding with oxidized derivatives of cholesterol, named oxysterols. They behave as transcription factors and thus stimulate expression of a particular set of genes involved in cholesterol homeostasis and fatty acid synthesis. In addition to their roles in tissues that have a very active lipid metabolism such as liver, brain and adipose tissue, our work focuses on prostate gland. Our objective is to decipher, the roles of LXRs in prostate cancer ex vivo, using cell culture models, and in vivo by exploration of transgenic mice. We have recently demonstrated that LXRs act as metabolic gatekeeper against cancer progression. Our goal is to understand and to identify molecular mechanisms targeted by LXRs and that constrain cancer progression.