Fly Facility

Fly Facility         

 Fly Transgenesis and dsRNA Microinjection Facility has been initially created in 2005 to provide Drosophila transgenesis and dsRNA injection services to members of the European Network MYORES.From 2008 Fly Facility becomes University platform and is open to the entire scientific community and to private customers. 


Fly Facility is the University Platform associated with the Université d’Auvergne (UdA) at Clermont-Ferrand. The UdA financial and administration services ensure the follow up of customer orders. Fly Facility is also directly associated with K. Jagla research team in Genetics Reproduction and Development (GReD) laboratory and benefits of counseling from the local fly experts.

Using our services you can rapidly generate both P-element and site-specific transgenic Drosophila lines carrying different reporter gene constructs,expression constructs and test gene function by dsRNA microinjection. More than 1000 transgenic lines generated and more than 200 dsRNAs injected and analysed. Our device : Quality, Rapidity and Competitive pricing.


Last Name First Name Position Contact
Teresa JAGLA profile picture JAGLA Teresa Research Engineer
Monika ZMOJDZIAN profile picture ZMOJDZIAN Monika Post-doctoral Fellow