Team 05: Recombination and Maintenance of Genome Integrity

Our research concerns the cellular mechanisms assuring the maintenance of the genome, and its faithful transmission through development and reproduction. We work with the plant Arabidopsis, a biological model of particular interest for these studies due to the viability of the knockout mutants of many key genes, often lethal in animals. 


On-going work falls under two headings:

1/ Recombination, DNA breaks and Chromosome stability. Living cells repair chomosome breaks through recombination and with new tools (in vivo DSB repair kinetics, endonucleases, fusion proteins,  cytometry, RNAseq...) we are studying the molecular mechanisms and control of the multiple pathways involved, including their roles at dysfunctional telomeres. Recent highlights include identification of a role for small RNAs in DNA break repair in Arabidopsis and in humans, signalling and repair of dysfunctional telomeres, a functional hierarchy of the four major recombination pathways and their roles in the transformation of plant cells by Agrobacterium T-DNA.

2/ Recombination and Chromosomal Pairing in Meiosis. We are studying mechanisms of recombination and homologous chromosome pairing in meiosis. Focussing on the roles of the Rad51 protein family, the MRN complex  and the structure-specific endonucleases, our recently published results show distinct requirements for these proteins in pairing of centromeres and of chromosome arms. Does this reflect heterochromatin/euchromatin differences, chromatin/DNA structure? Which molecular mechanisms are involved?

Research thematics


Last Name First Name Position Contact
Michel CHARBONNEAU profile picture CHARBONNEAU Michel Senior Research Fellow
Floriane CHERON profile picture CHERON Floriane Ph.D Student
Olivier DA INES profile picture DA INES Olivier Research Fellow
Maria Eugenia GALLEGO profile picture GALLEGO Maria Eugenia Professor
Nathalie GRANDIN profile picture GRANDIN Nathalie Research Fellow
Sebastien LAGEIX profile picture LAGEIX Sebastien Associate Professor
Etienne MOCHET profile picture MOCHET Etienne Intern
Valentine PETIOT profile picture PETIOT Valentine Ph.D Student
Heidi SERRA profile picture SERRA Heidi Research Fellow
Jeremy VERBEKE profile picture VERBEKE Jeremy Research Technician
Charles WHITE profile picture WHITE Charles Principal Investigator


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