Team 12: Molecular Pathophysiology of Adrenal & Endocrine Tissues

Molecular Pathophysiology of Adrenal & Endocrine Tissues (team leaders: A. Martinez, DR CNRS, P. Val, DR CNRS). Our team is interested in the pathophysiology of the adrenal cortex and endocrine tissues. We focus on the molecular mechanisms involved in adrenal and gonads differentiation and how their deregulation results in tumorigenesis and disease. Our team is internationally recognized for its expertise on transgenic mouse models of adrenal and gonadal diseases.


We develop two projects that rely on genetically engineered mice. These two projects explore the common and diverging signalling pathways, involved in the differentiation and pathophysiology of the adrenal cortex and gonads.

Research thematics


Last Name First Name Position Contact
Isabelle BARNOLA profile picture BARNOLA Isabelle Engineer
Florian CHALEIL profile picture CHALEIL Florian Ph.D Student
Christelle DAMON-SOUBEYRAND profile picture DAMON-SOUBEYRAND Christelle Assistant Engineer
Sabrina DEHAY profile picture DEHAY Sabrina Research Engineer
Diana GARCIA GARCIA profile picture GARCIA GARCIA Diana Post-doctoral Fellow
Anne-Marie LEFRANCOIS-MARTINEZ profile picture LEFRANCOIS-MARTINEZ Anne-Marie Professor
Antoine MARTINEZ profile picture MARTINEZ Antoine Principal Investigator
Iuliia PINIGINA profile picture PINIGINA Iuliia Intern
Jean-Christophe POINTUD profile picture POINTUD Jean-Christophe Associate Professor
Igor TAUVERON profile picture TAUVERON Igor Professor - Clinician
Pierre VAL profile picture VAL Pierre Principal Investigator
Antoine VIGIER profile picture VIGIER Antoine Intern