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Bioinformatics platform (BIM) aims to help researchers of the iGReD laboratory  with all tasks concerning image processing  and data analysis from high-throughput sequencing.

This platform is only opened to members of the laboratory and doesn't provide external services.


Bioinformatics platform (BIM) is divided into  two specific services.


The first one is concerning the image processing:





The second one is concerning data analysis from high-throughput sequencing :



Here are the main proposed services:


  • Data Analysis from high-throughput sequencing  from different origins:
    • Trnascriptomics data ( RNA-Seq, single cell RNA-Seq, …)
    • Genomique data (Chip-Seq, HiC-seq, 4C-seq, ATAC-seq …)
    • Epigenetics data (Smrt-seq, RRBS-seq, RREM-seq, …)


  • Implementation of new solutions and tools for data processing and analysis:
    • Developing specific tools for data analysis (Python, Java, C++ languages)
    • Writing generic R scripts for statistics computation and automatic figures génération
    • Source code deposit on IGReD GitHub.


  • Interaction with research teams 
    • Models diversity in the laboratory ( Human, Mouse, Drosophila, Arabidopsis, Chicken, C-elegans)
    • Project Progress meetings ( definition of goals  , work follow up, discussions on results)
    • Results valorization for publication and “Material and Methods” writing
    • Advice on technological choice for high-throughput sequencing


  • Training session on informatics and bioinformatics tools
    • Bash commands introduction
    • Individual training on using specific tools  for project achievement
    • Writing documentation to help users using bioinformatics tools


  • Construct and update bioinformatics platform inside the laboratory
    • Platform development  with implementation of ressources and documentation

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