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Probing small ribosomal subunit RNA helix 45 acetylation across eukaryotic evolution.

Published on 24 Jun 2022 in Nucleic acids research , vol. 50 - pp 6284-6299

Bortolin-Cavaillé ML, Quillien A, Thalalla Gamage S, Thomas JM, Sas-Chen A, Sharma S, Plisson-Chastang C, Vandel L , Blader P, Lafontaine DLJ, Schwartz S, Meier JL, Cavaillé J


Patient-matched analysis identifies deregulated networks in prostate cancer to guide personalized therapeutic intervention.

Published on 15 Nov 2021 in American journal of cancer research , vol. 11 - pp 5299-5318

Kumar A, Kasikci Y, Badredine A, Azzag K, Quintyn Ranty ML, Zaidi F, Aragou N, Mazerolles C, Malavaud B, Mendoza-Parra MA, Vandel L , Gronemeyer H

Prmt5 promotes vascular morphogenesis independently of its methyltransferase activity.

Published on 30 Jun 2021 in PLoS genetics , vol. 17 - pp e1009641

Quillien A, Gilbert G , Boulet M , Ethuin S, Waltzer L , Vandel L


From Drosophila Blood Cells to Human Leukemia.

Published on 01 Jan 2018 in Advances in experimental medicine and biology , vol. 1076 - pp 195-214

Boulet M , Miller M , Vandel L , Waltzer L

CBP and P300 regulate distinct gene networks required for human primary myoblast differentiation and muscle integrity.

Published on 22 Aug 2018 in Scientific reports , vol. 8 - pp 12629

Fauquier L, Azzag K, Parra MAM, Quillien A, Boulet M , Diouf S , Carnac G, Waltzer L , Gronemeyer H, Vandel L


Expression patterns of CREB binding protein (CREBBP) and its methylated species during zebrafish development.

Published on 01 Jan 2015 in The International journal of developmental biology , vol. 59 - pp 229-34

Batut J, Duboé C, Vandel L


The methyltransferases PRMT4/CARM1 and PRMT5 control differentially myogenesis in zebrafish.

Published on 01 Jan 2011 in PloS one , vol. 6 - pp e25427

Batut J, Duboé C, Vandel L

Methylation specifies distinct estrogen-induced binding site repertoires of CBP to chromatin.

Published on 01 Jun 2011 in Genes & development , vol. 25 - pp 1132-46

Ceschin DG, Walia M, Wenk SS, Duboé C, Gaudon C, Xiao Y, Fauquier L, Sankar M, Vandel L , Gronemeyer H

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