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Biallelic non-productive enhancer-promoter interactions precede imprinted expression of Kcnk9 during mouse neural commitment.

Publié le 30 Jan 2024 dans HGG advances , vol. 5 - pp 100271

Rengifo Rojas C , Cercy J , Perillous S , Gonthier-Guéret C, Montibus B , Maupetit-Méhouas S, Espinadel A , Dupré M , Hong CC, Hata K, Nakabayashi K, Plagge A, Bouschet T, Arnaud P , Vaillant I , Court F


L1 chimeric transcripts are expressed in healthy brain and their deregulation in glioma follows that of their host locus.

Publié le 17 Août 2022 dans Human molecular genetics , vol. 31 - pp 2606-2622

Pinson ME , Court F , Masson A , Renaud Y , Fantini A , Bacoeur-Ouzillou O, Barriere M, Pereira B, Guichet PO, Chautard E, Karayan-Tapon L, Verrelle P, Arnaud P , Vaurs-Barrière C

The Long Non-Coding RNA HOXA-AS2 Promotes Proliferation of Glioma Stem Cells and Modulates Their Inflammation Pathway Mainly through Post-Transcriptional Regulation.

Publié le 25 Avr 2022 dans International journal of molecular sciences , vol. 23

Le Boiteux E , Guichet PO, Masliantsev K, Montibus B , Vaurs-Barriere C, Gonthier-Gueret C, Chautard E, Verrelle P, Karayan-Tapon L, Fogli A , Court F , Arnaud P


Widespread overexpression from the four DNA hypermethylated HOX clusters in aggressive (IDHwt) glioma is associated with H3K27me3 depletion and alternative promoter usage.

Publié le 30 Août 2021 dans Molecular oncology , vol. 15 - pp 1995-2010

Le Boiteux E , Court F , Guichet PO, Vaurs-Barrière C , Vaillant I , Chautard E, Verrelle P, Costa BM, Karayan-Tapon L, Fogli A , Arnaud P


TET3 controls the expression of the H3K27me3 demethylase Kdm6b during neural commitment.

Publié le 30 Jan 2021 dans Cellular and molecular life sciences : CMLS , vol. 78 - pp 757-768

Montibus B , Cercy J , Bouschet T, Charras A, Maupetit-Méhouas S , Nury D , Gonthier-Guéret C, Chauveau S , Allegre N , Chariau C, Hong CC, Vaillant I , Marques CJ, Court F , Arnaud P


Transcriptional alterations in glioma result primarily from DNA methylation-independent mechanisms.

Publié le 30 Oct 2019 dans Genome research , vol. 29 - pp 1605-1621

Court F , Le Boiteux E , Fogli A , Müller-Barthélémy M, Vaurs-Barrière C , Chautard E, Pereira B, Biau J, Kemeny JL, Khalil T, Karayan-Tapon L, Verrelle P, Arnaud P


Recommendations for a nomenclature system for reporting methylation aberrations in imprinted domains.

Publié le 01 Jan 2018 dans Epigenetics , vol. 13 - pp 117-121

Monk D, Morales J, den Dunnen JT, Russo S, Court F , Prawitt D, Eggermann T, Beygo J, Buiting K, Tümer Z, Nomenclature group of the European Network for Human Congenital Imprinting Disorders

High-salt-recovered sequences are associated with the active chromosomal compartment and with large ribonucleoprotein complexes including nuclear bodies.

Publié le 30 Nov 2018 dans Genome research , vol. 28 - pp 1733-1746

Baudement MO, Cournac A, Court F , Seveno M, Parrinello H, Reynes C, Sabatier R, Bouschet T, Yi Z, Sallis S, Tancelin M, Rebouissou C, Cathala G, Lesne A, Mozziconacci J, Journot L, Forné T

CLIFinder: identification of LINE-1 chimeric transcripts in RNA-seq data.

Publié le 15 Fév 2018 dans Bioinformatics (Oxford, England) , vol. 34 - pp 688-690

Pinson ME , Pogorelcnik R , Court F , Arnaud P , Vaurs-Barrière C

DNA methylation profiling reveals a pathological signature that contributes to transcriptional defects of CD34(+) CD15(-) cells in early chronic-phase chronic myeloid leukemia.

Publié le 30 Juin 2018 dans Molecular oncology , vol. 12 - pp 814-829

Maupetit-Mehouas S , Court F , Bourgne C, Guerci-Bresler A, Cony-Makhoul P, Johnson H, Etienne G, Rousselot P, Guyotat D, Janel A, Hermet E, Saugues S, Berger J, Arnaud P , Berger MG


Quantitative Analysis of Intra-chromosomal Contacts: The 3C-qPCR Method.

Publié le 01 Jan 2017 dans Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.) , vol. 1589 - pp 75-88

Ea V, Court F , Forné T

DNA methylation profiling identifies PTRF/Cavin-1 as a novel tumor suppressor in Ewing sarcoma when co-expressed with caveolin-1.

Publié le 01 Fév 2017 dans Cancer letters , vol. 386 - pp 196-207

Huertas-Martínez J, Court F , Rello-Varona S, Herrero-Martín D, Almacellas-Rabaiget O, Sáinz-Jaspeado M, Garcia-Monclús S, Lagares-Tena L, Buj R, Hontecillas-Prieto L, Sastre A, Azorin D, Sanjuan X, López-Alemany R, Moran S, Roma J, Gallego S, Mora J, García Del Muro X, Giangrande PH, Peinado MA, Alonso J, de Alava E, Monk D, Esteller M, Tirado OM

Maternal mutations of FOXF1 cause alveolar capillary dysplasia despite not being imprinted.

Publié le 30 Juin 2017 dans Human mutation , vol. 38 - pp 615-620

Alsina Casanova M, Monteagudo-Sánchez A, Rodiguez Guerineau L, Court F , Gazquez Serrano I, Martorell L, Rovira Zurriaga C, Moore GE, Ishida M, Castañon M, Moliner Calderon E, Monk D, Moreno Hernando J


Imprinting control regions (ICRs) are marked by mono-allelic bivalent chromatin when transcriptionally inactive.

Publié le 29 Jan 2016 dans Nucleic acids research , vol. 44 - pp 621-35

Maupetit-Méhouas S , Montibus B , Nury D , Tayama C, Wassef M, Kota SK, Fogli A , Cerqueira Campos F , Hata K, Feil R, Margueron R, Nakabayashi K, Court F , Arnaud P

The tumoral A genotype of the MGMT rs34180180 single-nucleotide polymorphism in aggressive gliomas is associated with shorter patients’ survival.

Publié le 01 Mar 2016 dans Carcinogenesis , vol. 37 - pp 169-176

Fogli A , Chautard E, Vaurs-Barrière C , Pereira B, Müller-Barthélémy M, Court F , Biau J, Pinto AA, Kémény JL, Khalil T, Karayan-Tapon L, Verrelle P, Costa BM, Arnaud P

Human Oocyte-Derived Methylation Differences Persist in the Placenta Revealing Widespread Transient Imprinting.

Publié le 30 Nov 2016 dans PLoS genetics , vol. 12 - pp e1006427

Sanchez-Delgado M, Court F , Vidal E, Medrano J, Monteagudo-Sánchez A, Martin-Trujillo A, Tayama C, Iglesias-Platas I, Kondova I, Bontrop R, Poo-Llanillo ME, Marques-Bonet T, Nakabayashi K, Simón C, Monk D


Genome-wide parent-of-origin DNA methylation analysis reveals the intricacies of human imprinting and suggests a germline methylation-independent mechanism of establishment.

Publié le 30 Avr 2014 dans Genome research , vol. 24 - pp 554-69

Court F , Tayama C, Romanelli V, Martin-Trujillo A, Iglesias-Platas I, Okamura K, Sugahara N, Simón C, Moore H, Harness JV, Keirstead H, Sanchez-Mut JV, Kaneki E, Lapunzina P, Soejima H, Wake N, Esteller M, Ogata T, Hata K, Nakabayashi K, Monk D

Hypermethylation of the alternative AWT1 promoter in hematological malignancies is a highly specific marker for acute myeloid leukemias despite high expression levels.

Publié le 09 Jan 2014 dans Journal of hematology & oncology , vol. 7 - pp 4

Guillaumet-Adkins A, Richter J, Odero MD, Sandoval J, Agirre X, Catala A, Esteller M, Prósper F, Calasanz MJ, Buño I, Kwon M, Court F , Siebert R, Monk D

Chromatin immunoprecipitation indirect peaks highlight long-range interactions of insulator proteins and Pol II pausing.

Publié le 20 Fév 2014 dans Molecular cell , vol. 53 - pp 672-81

Liang J, Lacroix L, Gamot A, Cuddapah S, Queille S, Lhoumaud P, Lepetit P, Martin PG, Vogelmann J, Court F , Hennion M, Micas G, Urbach S, Bouchez O, Nöllmann M, Zhao K, Emberly E, Cuvier O

The PEG13-DMR and brain-specific enhancers dictate imprinted expression within the 8q24 intellectual disability risk locus.

Publié le 25 Mar 2014 dans Epigenetics & chromatin , vol. 7 - pp 5

Court F , Camprubi C, Garcia CV, Guillaumet-Adkins A, Sparago A, Seruggia D, Sandoval J, Esteller M, Martin-Trujillo A, Riccio A, Montoliu L, Monk D

Variable maternal methylation overlapping the nc886/vtRNA2-1 locus is locked between hypermethylated repeats and is frequently altered in cancer.

Publié le 30 Mai 2014 dans Epigenetics , vol. 9 - pp 783-90

Romanelli V, Nakabayashi K, Vizoso M, Moran S, Iglesias-Platas I, Sugahara N, Simón C, Hata K, Esteller M, Court F , Monk D


Chromatin loop organization of the junb locus in mouse dendritic cells.

Publié le 30 Oct 2013 dans Nucleic acids research , vol. 41 - pp 8908-25

Salem T, Gomard T, Court F , Moquet-Torcy G, Brockly F, Forné T, Piechaczyk M

Myod and H19-Igf2 locus interactions are required for diaphragm formation in the mouse.

Publié le 30 Mar 2013 dans Development (Cambridge, England) , vol. 140 - pp 1231-9

Borensztein M, Monnier P, Court F , Louault Y, Ripoche MA, Tiret L, Yao Z, Tapscott SJ, Forné T, Montarras D, Dandolo L

Imprinting at the PLAGL1 domain is contained within a 70-kb CTCF/cohesin-mediated non-allelic chromatin loop.

Publié le 01 Fév 2013 dans Nucleic acids research , vol. 41 - pp 2171-9

Iglesias-Platas I, Court F , Camprubi C, Sparago A, Guillaumet-Adkins A, Martin-Trujillo A, Riccio A, Moore GE, Monk D

Genome-wide allelic methylation analysis reveals disease-specific susceptibility to multiple methylation defects in imprinting syndromes.

Publié le 30 Avr 2013 dans Human mutation , vol. 34 - pp 595-602

Court F , Martin-Trujillo A, Romanelli V, Garin I, Iglesias-Platas I, Salafsky I, Guitart M, Perez de Nanclares G, Lapunzina P, Monk D

Stability of genomic imprinting and gestational-age dynamic methylation in complicated pregnancies conceived following assisted reproductive technologies.

Publié le 30 Sep 2013 dans Biology of reproduction , vol. 89 - pp 50

Camprubí C, Iglesias-Platas I, Martin-Trujillo A, Salvador-Alarcon C, Rodriguez MA, Barredo DR, Court F , Monk D


Corneal transduction by intra-stromal injection of AAV vectors in vivo in the mouse and ex vivo in human explants.

Publié le 01 Jan 2012 dans PloS one , vol. 7 - pp e35318

Hippert C, Ibanes S, Serratrice N, Court F , Malecaze F, Kremer EJ, Kalatzis V

Characterization of novel paternal ncRNAs at the Plagl1 locus, including Hymai, predicted to interact with regulators of active chromatin.

Publié le 01 Jan 2012 dans PloS one , vol. 7 - pp e38907

Iglesias-Platas I, Martin-Trujillo A, Cirillo D, Court F , Guillaumet-Adkins A, Camprubi C, Bourc'his D, Hata K, Feil R, Tartaglia G, Arnaud P , Monk D

H19 antisense RNA can up-regulate Igf2 transcription by activation of a novel promoter in mouse myoblasts.

Publié le 01 Jan 2012 dans PloS one , vol. 7 - pp e37923

Tran VG, Court F , Duputié A, Antoine E, Aptel N, Milligan L, Carbonell F, Lelay-Taha MN, Piette J, Weber M, Montarras D, Pinset C, Dandolo L, Forné T, Cathala G

Characterization of novel paternal ncRNAs at the Plagl1 locus, including Hymai, predicted to interact with regulators of active chromatin.

Publié le 19 Juin 2012 dans PloS one , vol. 7 - pp e38907

Iglesias-Platas I, Martin-Trujillo A, Cirillo D, Court F , Guillaumet-Adkins A, Camprubi C, Bourc'his D, Hata K, Feil R, Tartaglia G, Arnaud P , Monk D


Modulated contact frequencies at gene-rich loci support a statistical helix model for mammalian chromatin organization.

Publié le 01 Jan 2011 dans Genome biology , vol. 12 - pp R42

Court F , Miro J, Braem C, Lelay-Taha MN, Brisebarre A, Atger F, Gostan T, Weber M, Cathala G, Forné T

Long-range chromatin interactions at the mouse Igf2/H19 locus reveal a novel paternally expressed long non-coding RNA.

Publié le 30 Août 2011 dans Nucleic acids research , vol. 39 - pp 5893-906

Court F , Baniol M, Hagege H, Petit JS, Lelay-Taha MN, Carbonell F, Weber M, Cathala G, Forne T


Idefix insulator activity can be modulated by nearby regulatory elements.

Publié le 01 Jan 2007 dans Nucleic acids research , vol. 35 - pp 2661-70

Brasset E , Bantignies F, Court F , Cheresiz S, Conte C, Vaury C

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