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Charles White is a Directeur de Recherche (DR1, senior scientist) at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, and directs a CNRS/University/INSERM research group studying the mechanisms by which cells maintain the integrity of their genomes. Following an Honours BSc. degree in Genetics and Biochemistry at the University of Adelaide (Australia), he carried out his PhD at the MRC (London, U.K.) in the group of Robin Holliday, and a post-doc at Boston in the group of James E. Haber, on the mechanisms of DNA repair and genetic recombination in yeast. Particularly notable results of this work were the establishment of the "Physical Monitoring" of recombination in vivo - establishing the kinetics and two novel molecular intermediates of genetic recombination in eukaryotes (including the resection of 5'-ended DNA strand at DNA breaks, now believed to be the key step in determining the choice of recombination pathway). In 1994 he was recruited by the CNRS at the University of Paris (Orsay), to establish a research group on molecular mechanisms of genetic recombination in plants. The group moved to the University Blaise Pascal at Clermont-Ferrand in 1998 and actively pursues research into the molecular mechanisms responsible for the maintenance of genome integrity in the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana and the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
President of the Société Française de Génétique from 2015-2020, he has participated in numerous review committees at international (EU Descartes Prize, FP5, FP7, H2020, Horizon Europe ...) and national levels (scientific commissions of the IRD and the INSERM, CEA, Institut Pasteur, Génoplante, AERES, HCERES thesis and habilitation juries ...). He has organised a number of  international scientific meetings (notably the "Genetic stability and Change"  EMBO workshop series), coordinated two, and participated in four other European Framework and Marie-Curie network grants, as well as numerous public and industry funded projects in France.


60 publications

DMC1 attenuates RAD51-mediated recombination in Arabidopsis.

Published on 30 Aug 2022 in PLoS genetics , vol. 18 - pp e1010322

Da Ines O , Bazile J , Gallego ME , White CI

The plant-specific DDR factor SOG1 increases chromatin mobility in response to DNA damage.

Published on 06 Dec 2022 in EMBO reports , vol. 23 - pp e54736

Meschichi A, Zhao L, Reeck S, White C , Da Ines O , Sicard A, Pontvianne F, Rosa S


The Role of Topoisomerase II in DNA Repair and Recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Published on 04 Dec 2021 in International journal of molecular sciences , vol. 22

Martinez-Garcia M, White CI , Franklin FCH, Sanchez-Moran E


DNA polymerase epsilon is required for heterochromatin maintenance in Arabidopsis.

Published on 25 Nov 2020 in Genome biology , vol. 21 - pp 283

Bourguet P , López-González L, Gómez-Zambrano Á, Pélissier T , Hesketh A , Potok ME, Pouch-Pélissier MN , Perez M, Da Ines O , Latrasse D, White CI , Jacobsen SE, Benhamed M, Mathieu O

Bread wheat TaSPO11-1 exhibits evolutionarily conserved function in meiotic recombination across distant plant species.

Published on 30 Sep 2020 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 103 - pp 2052-2068

Da Ines O , Michard R, Fayos I, Bastianelli G, Nicolas A, Guiderdoni E, White C , Sourdille P

SPO11.2 is essential for programmed double-strand break formation during meiosis in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).

Published on 30 Sep 2020 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 104 - pp 30-43

Benyahya F, Nadaud I, Da Ines O , Rimbert H, White C , Sourdille P


LSD1-LIKE1-Mediated H3K4me2 Demethylation Is Required for Homologous Recombination Repair.

Published on 30 Oct 2019 in Plant physiology , vol. 181 - pp 499-509

Hirakawa T, Kuwata K, Gallego ME , White CI , Nomoto M, Tada Y, Matsunaga S


RAD51 and RTEL1 compensate telomere loss in the absence of telomerase.

Published on 16 Mar 2018 in Nucleic acids research , vol. 46 - pp 2432-2445

Olivier M , Charbonnel C , Amiard S , White CI , Gallego ME

The Linker Histone GH1-HMGA1 Is Involved in Telomere Stability and DNA Damage Repair.

Published on 30 May 2018 in Plant physiology , vol. 177 - pp 311-327

Charbonnel C , Rymarenko O, Da Ines O , Benyahya F, White CI , Butter F, Amiard S


RAD54 forms DNA repair foci in response to DNA damage in living plant cells.

Published on 30 Apr 2017 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 90 - pp 372-382

Hirakawa T, Hasegawa J, White CI , Matsunaga S

CRISPR-Cas9-mediated efficient directed mutagenesis and RAD51-dependent and RAD51-independent gene targeting in the moss Physcomitrella patens.

Published on 30 Jan 2017 in Plant biotechnology journal , vol. 15 - pp 122-131

Collonnier C, Epert A, Mara K, Maclot F, Guyon-Debast A, Charlot F, White C , Schaefer DG, Nogué F


The recombination mediator RAD51D promotes geminiviral infection.

Published on 30 Jun 2016 in Virology , vol. 493 - pp 113-27

Richter KS, Serra H , White CI , Jeske H

Role of the Polymerase ϵ sub-unit DPB2 in DNA replication, cell cycle regulation and DNA damage response in Arabidopsis.

Published on 06 Sep 2016 in Nucleic acids research , vol. 44 - pp 7251-66

Pedroza-Garcia JA, Domenichini S, Mazubert C, Bourge M, White C , Hudik E, Bounon R, Tariq Z, Delannoy E, Del Olmo I, Piñeiro M, Jarillo JA, Bergounioux C, Benhamed M, Raynaud C


Centromere Associations in Meiotic Chromosome Pairing.

Published on 09 Sep 2015 in Annual review of genetics , vol. 49 - pp 95-114

Da Ines O , White CI

Highly efficient radiosensitization of human glioblastoma and lung cancer cells by a G-quadruplex DNA binding compound.

Published on 06 Nov 2015 in Scientific reports , vol. 5 - pp 16255

Merle P, Gueugneau M, Teulade-Fichou MP, Müller-Barthélémy M, Amiard S , Chautard E, Guetta C, Dedieu V, Communal Y, Mergny JL, Gallego M , White C , Verrelle P, Tchirkov A

Homology-dependent repair is involved in 45S rDNA loss in plant CAF-1 mutants.

Published on 30 Jan 2015 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 81 - pp 198-209

Muchová V, Amiard S , Mozgová I, Dvořáčková M, Gallego ME, White C , Fajkus J


Responses to telomere erosion in plants.

Published on 01 Mar 2014 in PloS one , vol. 9 - pp e86220

Amiard S , Da Ines O , Gallego ME , White CI

Arabidopsis thaliana RNase H2 deficiency counteracts the needs for the WEE1 checkpoint kinase but triggers genome instability.

Published on 30 Sep 2014 in The Plant cell , vol. 26 - pp 3680-92

Kalhorzadeh P, Hu Z, Cools T, Amiard S , Willing EM, De Winne N, Gevaert K, De Jaeger G, Schneeberger K, White CI , De Veylder L

Multiple host-cell recombination pathways act in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of plant cells.

Published on 02 Mar 2014 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 77 - pp 511-20

Mestiri I , Norre F, Gallego ME , White CI


Signaling of double strand breaks and deprotected telomeres in Arabidopsis.

Published on 16 Oct 2013 in Frontiers in plant science , vol. 4 - pp 405

Amiard S , Gallego ME , White CI

Gene targeting in maize by somatic ectopic recombination.

Published on 30 Apr 2013 in Plant biotechnology journal , vol. 11 - pp 305-14

Ayar A, Wehrkamp-Richter S, Laffaire JB, Le Goff S , Levy J, Chaignon S, Salmi H, Lepicard A, Sallaud C, Gallego ME , White CI , Paul W

Effects of XRCC2 and RAD51B mutations on somatic and meiotic recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Published on 30 Jun 2013 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 74 - pp 959-70

Da Ines O , Degroote F , Amiard S , Goubely C , Gallego ME , White CI


A role for small RNAs in DNA double-strand break repair.

Published on 30 Mar 2012 in Cell , vol. 149 - pp 101-12

Wei W, Ba Z, Gao M, Wu Y, Ma Y, Amiard S , White CI , Rendtlew Danielsen JM, Yang YG, Qi Y

Gene Site-Specific Insertion in Plants.

Published on 21 Jun 2012 in Topics in Current Genetics, Springer, Dordrecht. , vol. 23

Olivier Da Ines & Charles I. White


Recombination proteins and telomere stability in plants.

Published on 30 Mar 2011 in Current protein & peptide science , vol. 12 - pp 84-92

Amiard S , White C , Gallego ME


Rapid repair of DNA double strand breaks in Arabidopsis thaliana is dependent on proteins involved in chromosome structure maintenance.

Published on 01 Mar 2009 in DNA repair , vol. 8 - pp 413-9

Kozak J, West CE, White C , da Costa-Nunes JA, Angelis KJ

ERCC1/XPF protects short telomeres from homologous recombination in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Published on 02 Mar 2009 in PLoS genetics , vol. 5 - pp e1000380

Vannier JB, Depeiges A , White C , Gallego ME


News from Arabidopsis on the meiotic roles of Blap75/Rmi1 and Top3alpha.

Published on 30 Dec 2008 in PLoS genetics , vol. 4 - pp e1000306

White CI


Telomere-length regulation in inter-ecotype crosses of Arabidopsis.

Published on 30 Dec 2006 in Plant molecular biology , vol. 62 - pp 859-66

Maillet G, White CI , Gallego ME

Two roles for Rad50 in telomere maintenance.

Published on 04 Oct 2006 in The EMBO journal , vol. 25 - pp 4577-85

Vannier JB, Depeiges A , White C , Gallego ME


DNA repair and recombination functions in Arabidopsis telomere maintenance.

Published on 01 Mar 2005 in Chromosome research : an international journal on the molecular, supramolecular and evolutionary aspects of chromosome biology , vol. 13 - pp 481-91

Gallego ME , White CI

Differing requirements for the Arabidopsis Rad51 paralogs in meiosis and DNA repair.

Published on 02 Mar 2005 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 41 - pp 533-45

Bleuyard JY, Gallego ME , Savigny F, White CI

Towards targeted mutagenesis and gene replacement in plants.

Published on 30 Dec 2005 in Trends in biotechnology , vol. 23 - pp 567-9

Tzfira T, White C

Involvement of KU80 in T-DNA integration in plant cells.

Published on 27 Dec 2005 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , vol. 102 - pp 19231-6

Li J, Vaidya M, White C , Vainstein A, Citovsky V, Tzfira T


The atspo11-1 mutation rescues atxrcc3 meiotic chromosome fragmentation.

Published on 30 Sep 2004 in Plant molecular biology , vol. 56 - pp 217-24

Bleuyard JY, Gallego ME , White CI

Roles of the AtErcc1 protein in recombination.

Published on 30 Aug 2004 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 39 - pp 334-42

Dubest S, Gallego ME , White CI

The Arabidopsis homologue of Xrcc3 plays an essential role in meiosis.

Published on 28 Jan 2004 in The EMBO journal , vol. 23 - pp 439-49

Bleuyard JY, White CI


Telomerase dependence of telomere lengthening in Ku80 mutant Arabidopsis.

Published on 30 Mar 2003 in The Plant cell , vol. 15 - pp 782-9

Gallego ME , Jalut N, White CI

Ku80 plays a role in non-homologous recombination but is not required for T-DNA integration in Arabidopsis.

Published on 30 Sep 2003 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 35 - pp 557-65

Gallego ME , Bleuyard JY, Daoudal-Cotterell S, Jallut N, White CI


The plant Rad50-Mre11 protein complex.

Published on 10 Apr 2002 in FEBS letters , vol. 516 - pp 164-6

Daoudal-Cotterell S, Gallego ME , White CI

Role of the AtRad1p endonuclease in homologous recombination in plants.

Published on 30 Nov 2002 in EMBO reports , vol. 3 - pp 1049-54

Dubest S, Gallego ME , White CI


RAD50 function is essential for telomere maintenance in Arabidopsis.

Published on 13 Feb 2001 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America , vol. 98 - pp 1711-6

Gallego ME , White CI

Homologous recombination in planta is stimulated in the absence of Rad50.

Published on 30 Apr 2001 in EMBO reports , vol. 2 - pp 287-91

Gherbi H, Gallego ME , Jalut N, Lucht JM, Hohn B, White CI

Disruption of the Arabidopsis RAD50 gene leads to plant sterility and MMS sensitivity.

Published on 30 Jan 2001 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 25 - pp 31-41

Gallego ME , Jeanneau M, Granier F, Bouchez D, Bechtold N, White CI

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