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CNRS researcher, iGRED, Team Probst-Tatout, since 2018

CNRS researcher, iGRED, Team C. White, 2012-2018
Post-doctorant, iGRED, Clercmont-Ferrand, Team C. White, 2008-2012
Ph.D, ENS Lyon, 2003-07, Team E. Gilson


23 publications

Polycomb-dependent differential chromatin compartmentalization determines gene coregulation in Arabidopsis.

Published on 03 Jun 2021 in Genome research , vol. 31 - pp 1230-44

Huang Y, Sicar S, Ramirez-Prado JS, Manza-Mianza D, Antunez-Sanchez J, Brik-Chaouche R, Rodriguez-Granados NY, An J, Bergounioux C, Mahfouz MM, Hirt H, Crespi M, Concia L, Barneche F, Amiard S , Probst AV , Gutierrez-Marcos J, Ariel F, Raynaud C, Latrasse D, Benhamed M


RAD51 and RTEL1 compensate telomere loss in the absence of telomerase.

Published on 16 Mar 2018 in Nucleic acids research , vol. 46 - pp 2432-2445

Olivier M , Charbonnel C , Amiard S , White CI , Gallego ME

The Linker Histone GH1-HMGA1 Is Involved in Telomere Stability and DNA Damage Repair.

Published on 30 May 2018 in Plant physiology , vol. 177 - pp 311-327

Charbonnel C , Rymarenko O, Da Ines O , Benyahya F, White CI , Butter F, Amiard S


Highly efficient radiosensitization of human glioblastoma and lung cancer cells by a G-quadruplex DNA binding compound.

Published on 06 Nov 2015 in Scientific reports , vol. 5 - pp 16255

Merle P, Gueugneau M, Teulade-Fichou MP, Müller-Barthélémy M, Amiard S , Chautard E, Guetta C, Dedieu V, Communal Y, Mergny JL, Gallego M , White C , Verrelle P, Tchirkov A

Homology-dependent repair is involved in 45S rDNA loss in plant CAF-1 mutants.

Published on 30 Jan 2015 in The Plant journal : for cell and molecular biology , vol. 81 - pp 198-209

Muchová V, Amiard S , Mozgová I, Dvořáčková M, Gallego ME, White C , Fajkus J


Responses to telomere erosion in plants.

Published on 01 Mar 2014 in PloS one , vol. 9 - pp e86220

Amiard S , Da Ines O , Gallego ME , White CI

Arabidopsis thaliana RNase H2 deficiency counteracts the needs for the WEE1 checkpoint kinase but triggers genome instability.

Published on 30 Sep 2014 in The Plant cell , vol. 26 - pp 3680-92

Kalhorzadeh P, Hu Z, Cools T, Amiard S , Willing EM, De Winne N, Gevaert K, De Jaeger G, Schneeberger K, White CI , De Veylder L


A role for small RNAs in DNA double-strand break repair.

Published on 30 Mar 2012 in Cell , vol. 149 - pp 101-12

Wei W, Ba Z, Gao M, Wu Y, Ma Y, Amiard S , White CI , Rendtlew Danielsen JM, Yang YG, Qi Y

The N-terminal domains of TRF1 and TRF2 regulate their ability to condense telomeric DNA.

Published on 30 Mar 2012 in Nucleic acids research , vol. 40 - pp 2566-76

Poulet A , Pisano S, Faivre-Moskalenko C, Pei B, Tauran Y, Haftek-Terreau Z, Brunet F, Le Bihan YV, Ledu MH, Montel F, Hugo N, Amiard S , Argoul F, Chaboud A, Gilson E, Giraud-Panis MJ


Recombination proteins and telomere stability in plants.

Published on 30 Mar 2011 in Current protein & peptide science , vol. 12 - pp 84-92

Amiard S , White C , Gallego ME


Platination of telomeric DNA by cisplatin disrupts recognition by TRF2 and TRF1.

Published on 30 Jun 2010 in Journal of biological inorganic chemistry : JBIC : a publication of the Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry , vol. 15 - pp 641-54

Ourliac-Garnier I, Poulet A , Charif R, Amiard S , Magdinier F, Rezaï K, Gilson E, Giraud-Panis MJ, Bombard S

TRF2 and apollo cooperate with topoisomerase 2alpha to protect human telomeres from replicative damage.

Published on 23 Jul 2010 in Cell , vol. 142 - pp 230-42

Ye J, Lenain C, Bauwens S, Rizzo A, Saint-Léger A, Poulet A , Benarroch D, Magdinier F, Morere J, Amiard S , Verhoeyen E, Britton S, Calsou P, Salles B, Bizard A, Nadal M, Salvati E, Sabatier L, Wu Y, Biroccio A, Londoño-Vallejo A, Giraud-Panis MJ, Gilson E


TRF2 promotes, remodels and protects telomeric Holliday junctions.

Published on 18 Mar 2009 in The EMBO journal , vol. 28 - pp 641-51

Poulet A , Buisson R, Faivre-Moskalenko C, Koelblen M, Amiard S , Montel F, Cuesta-Lopez S, Bornet O, Guerlesquin F, Godet T, Moukhtar J, Argoul F, Déclais AC, Lilley DM, Ip SC, West SC, Gilson E, Giraud-Panis MJ


A topological mechanism for TRF2-enhanced strand invasion.

Published on 02 Mar 2007 in Nature structural & molecular biology , vol. 14 - pp 147-54

Amiard S , Doudeau M, Pinte S, Poulet A , Lenain C, Faivre-Moskalenko C, Angelov D, Hug N, Vindigni A, Bouvet P, Paoletti J, Gilson E, Giraud-Panis MJ


The Apollo 5′ exonuclease functions together with TRF2 to protect telomeres from DNA repair.

Published on 11 Jul 2006 in Current biology : CB , vol. 16 - pp 1303-10

Lenain C, Bauwens S, Amiard S , Brunori M, Giraud-Panis MJ, Gilson E


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