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For more information and to apply, please contact the person indicated on each form.

(Other subjects will be posted shortly)


Title:  Effects of macrophage polarization modulated by sevoflurane in vitro on epithelial

Team: Approche Translationnelle des Lésions Epithéliales et de leur Réparation


Title: Deciphering the multiscale regulation of imprinted genes during mouse neural commitment

Team : Genomic Imprinting and cell lineage commitment


Title: The Myc oncogene as a transcriptional amplifier of sex dimorphism in the adrenal gland

Team :  Molecular Pathophysiology of Adrenal and Endocrine Tissues


Title Consequences of Short Histone H2A Rapid Evolution on Chromatin Organization

Team : Evolutionary Epigenomics and Genetic Conflicts


Title : Identification of the crosstalk between metabolic and epigenetic processes in stem cell homeostasisand their involvement in fertility disorders and/or testicular cancer as well as in their chemoresistance

Team: Environment, Metabolism, spermatogenesis, pathophysiology and inheritance Germ stem cell homeostasis and chemoresistance.

Title: Ovarian tissue homeostasis Study of the molecular mechanism of follicular dormancy from Drosophila to human

Team: Epithelial growth and morphogenesis


Title: Study of the dynamics of the actin cytoskeleton during epithelial morphogenesis in Drosophila

Team: Epithelial growth and morphogenesis


Title:Genetic and epigenetic control of DNA recombination

Team : reclab – recombination and the maintenance of genome integrity


Title:Stem cells in the embryo analysis of novel factors important for preimplantation in mice

Team: Molecular mechanisms of cell lineage differentiation in the early mouse embryo


Title:Analysis of the impact of TET epigenetic enzyme in gene expression regulation, an epitransciptomic view.

Team :  ERO: Epigenetic Regulations & Ontogenesis



Written by Philippe ARNAUD

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