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Our team is interested in the membrane receptor called RAGE (advanced glycation end products receptor) which is a multi-ligand receptor (called alarmins) belonging to the immunoglobulin superfamily. The binding of one of its ligands will trigger at the cellular level signalling cascades leading to the arinsing of an inflammatory response. Our project is particularly interested in the involvement of this receptor in the lung and fetal membranes (water pocket) focusing on epithelial cells and their aggression as a result of 2 pathologies: acute respiratory distress syndrome and premature rupture of fetal membranes.

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Following aggressions resulting from both exogenous and endogenous signals, the achievement of the integrity and functioning of the epithelial barrier is an essential element found in many human pathological situations. The abilities to repair such epithelial aggression condition the pejorative or favorable evolution of these clinical events. Located at the crossroads of many metabolic and/or inflammatory processes, the receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) appears to be a promising signaling pathway to be investigated in the context of this epithelial dysfunction. The team has begun to demonstrate this on two models of amniotic and pulmonary epithelial aggression present in the wake of two common and serious pathologies, respectively premature rupture of fetal membranes (PROM) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). In view of the complexity of the possible combinations «ligands/ RAGE isoforms» associated with the pathological activation of the RAGE pathway, it appears essential to identify the relative importance of these different combinations and to determine whether new ligands cannot be specifically involved in PROM and/or ARDS. Using pharmacological and molecular approaches developed in parallel on our two models of epithelial aggression, this project also aims to identify abnormally modulated molecular pathways and target genes during the activation of the RAGE pathway that may be associated with the cascading of pathophysiological events encountered during these two pathologies. As the interaction of the epithelium with the cells of its immediate environment is a strong determinant of the evolution of aggression, our work also aims to demonstrate the impact of the RAGE pathway in cellular communications. Finally, the availability of KO mice for RAGE will allow to study in vivo, the impacts of a modulation of this route. Our results should make it possible to obtain diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic advances focused on the RABIES signaling pathway during epithelial aggressions.



74 publications

CX3CL1/Fractalkine as a biomarker for early pregnancy prediction of preterm premature rupture of membranes.

Published on 26 Jan 2024 in Clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine

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Published on 15 Nov 2019 in Journal of clinical medicine , vol. 8

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Clinical and Biological Predictors of Plasma Levels of Soluble RAGE in Critically Ill Patients: Secondary Analysis of a Prospective Multicenter Observational Study.

Published on 10 May 2018 in Disease markers , vol. 2018 - pp 7849675

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Effects of sevoflurane in the treatment of Acute respiratory Distress Syndrome : a translational approach
Realized by :
Ruoyang Zhai
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Dérégulation de l’expression du Récepteur aux Produits Avancés de Glycation (RAGE) dans la pathologie de la Surface oculaire
Realized by :
Valentin NAVEL
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Inflammation du syndrome de l’oeil sec : implications épithéliales et macrophagiques de NFAT5 et RAGE
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Effects of sevoflurane on RAGE-mediated pathways of lung injury and repair : a translational approach
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Implications du récepteur aux produits avancés de glycation, RAGE, dans la physiopathologie de la rupture des membranes fœtales humaines
Realized by :
Helena Choltus
Defense date:
Role des protéines NLRP dans la physopathologie des membranes foetales humaines
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Etude de l’implication des produits de glycation avancés et de leur récepteur RAGE dans la cicatrisation de l’épithélium cornéen
Realized by :
Christelle GROSS
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Rétinoïdes en intra-tracheal et occlusion de trachée dans le traitement anténatal de la hernie diaphragmatique congénitale
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Fonctions des rétinoïdes dans les membranes fœtales humaines : action pro-cicatrisante médiée par LOXL4
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L’ATRA (Acide tout trans rétinoïque), dérivé actif de la vitamine A permet la cicatrisation de cellules épithéliales de cornée humaine HCE et de l’épithélium cornéen brulé par base chez le modèle souris
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Ontogénèse et régulation des aquaporines par les rétinoïdes dans ls membranes fœtales humaines
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Cécile PRAT
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