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Beneficial effects of hypotaurine supplementation in preparation and freezing media on human sperm cryo-capacitation and DNA quality.

Published on 04 Nov 2021 in Basic and clinical andrology , vol. 31 - pp 26

Pons-Rejraji H , Vorilhon S , Difrane A, Dollet S, Bourgne C, Berger M, Chaput L, Pereira B, Bouche C, Drevet JR , Brugnon F


Accuracy of human sperm DNA oxidation quantification and threshold determination using an 8-OHdG immuno-detection assay.

Published on 01 Apr 2018 in Human reproduction (Oxford, England) , vol. 33 - pp 553-562

Vorilhon S , Brugnon F , Kocer A , Dollet S, Bourgne C, Berger M, Janny L , Pereira B, Aitken RJ, Moazamian A , Gharagozloo P, Drevet J , Pons-Rejraji H

Liver X Receptors: A Possible Link between Lipid Disorders and Female Infertility.

Published on 25 Jul 2018 in International journal of molecular sciences , vol. 19

Dallel S , Tauveron I , Brugnon F , Baron S , Lobaccaro JMA, Maqdasy S


Levels of liver X receptors in testicular biopsies of patients with azoospermia.

Published on 30 Aug 2014 in Fertility and sterility , vol. 102 - pp 361-371.e5

Rondanino C , Ouchchane L, Chauffour C, Marceau G , Déchelotte P , Sion B, Pons-Rejraji H , Janny L , Volle DH , Lobaccaro JM , Brugnon F

Evaluation of atorvastatin efficacy and toxicity on spermatozoa, accessory glands and gonadal hormones of healthy men: a pilot prospective clinical trial.

Published on 12 Jul 2014 in Reproductive biology and endocrinology : RB&E , vol. 12 - pp 65

Pons-Rejraji H , Brugnon F , Sion B, Maqdasy S , Gouby G, Pereira B, Marceau G , Gremeau AS, Drevet J , Grizard G, Janny L , Tauveron I


Dietary cholesterol-induced post-testicular infertility.

Published on 01 Jan 2011 in PloS one , vol. 6 - pp e26966

Ouvrier A, Alves G, Damon-Soubeyrand C , Marceau G , Cadet R , Janny L , Brugnon F , Kocer A , Pommier A, Lobaccaro JM , Drevet JR , Saez F

Prostasomes: inhibitors of capacitation and modulators of cellular signalling in human sperm.

Published on 30 Dec 2011 in International journal of andrology , vol. 34 - pp 568-80

Pons-Rejraji H , Artonne C , Sion B, Brugnon F , Canis M, Janny L , Grizard G


Apoptosis and meiotic segregation in ejaculated sperm from Robertsonian translocation carrier patients.

Published on 30 Jul 2010 in Human reproduction (Oxford, England) , vol. 25 - pp 1631-42

Brugnon F , Janny L , Communal Y, Darcha C, Szczepaniak C, Pellestor F, Vago P, Pons-Rejraji H , Artonne C , Grizard G


Fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry in measuring activated caspases in human spermatozoa.

Published on 30 Jun 2009 in International journal of andrology , vol. 32 - pp 265-73

Brugnon F , Ouchchane L, Verheyen G, Communal Y, Van der Elst J, Tournaye H, Janny L , Grizard G

Four successful pregnancies in a patient with mucopolysaccharidosis type I treated by allogeneic bone marrow transplantation.

Published on 30 Dec 2009 in Journal of inherited metabolic disease , vol. 32 Suppl 1 - pp S111-3

Remérand G, Merlin E, Froissart R, Brugnon F , Kanold J, Janny L , Deméocq F

[Role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on human spermatozoa and male infertility].

Published on 30 Jun 2009 in Gynecologie, obstetrique & fertilite , vol. 37 - pp 529-35

Pons-Rejraji H , Sion B, Saez F , Brugnon F , Janny L , Grizard G

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