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After having worked as a teacher and then lived in Israel in the 1980s, I joined the University of Burgundy in 1987 where I defended a doctorate in Animal Physiology in 1996. I then obtained a research position at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm before joining Blaise Pascal University in 1999 as a lecturer in the laboratory (now) GReD.

I successively held positions on collective missions as President of the Department of Biology for one term (2011-13), Director of Studies for the First Years (DEPA) in the Pedagogical Service of the Scientific License (SPLS, 2010- 16), Project Manager "Assistance for Student Success" at Blaise Pascal University (2012-2016), Vice-President in charge of Pedagogical Transformation, Digital Pedagogy and Documentary Policy (2017-21) and Director of the Pedagogical Engineering & Audiovisual Production (IPPA) Pole since 2017. In January 2021, the presidency of the EPE-UCA appointed me Strategic Director of the IPPA Pole. This function involves defining a Pedagogical Transformation strategy at UCA and deploying this policy across the establishment by leading the team of pedagogical engineers and audiovisual engineers from the service dedicated to this mission.



32 publications

Bile acids and their receptors.

Published on 30 Aug 2017 in Molecular aspects of medicine , vol. 56 - pp 2-9

Martinot E , Sèdes L , Baptissart M , Lobaccaro JM , Caira F , Beaudoin C , Volle DH

The Bile Acid Nuclear Receptor FXRα Is a Critical Regulator of Mouse Germ Cell Fate.

Published on 11 Jul 2017 in Stem cell reports , vol. 9 - pp 315-328

Martinot E , Sèdes L , Baptissart M , Holota H , Rouaisnel B , Damon-Soubeyrand C, De Haze A , Saru JP , Thibault-Carpentier C, Keime C, Lobaccaro JA, Baron S , Benoit G, Caira F , Beaudoin C , Volle DH

Bile acids and male fertility: From mouse to human?

Published on 30 Aug 2017 in Molecular aspects of medicine , vol. 56 - pp 101-109

Sèdes L , Martinot E , Baptissart M , Baron S , Caira F , Beaudoin C , Volle DH


Liver X receptors interfere with the deleterious effect of diethylstilbestrol on testicular physiology.

Published on 11 Apr 2014 in Biochemical and biophysical research communications , vol. 446 - pp 656-62

Oumeddour A , Viennois E, Caira F , Decourbey C, Maqdasy S , Tahraoui A, Baron S , Volle DH , Lobaccaro JM


LXR, prostate cancer and cholesterol: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Published on 01 Mar 2013 in American journal of cancer research , vol. 3 - pp 58-69

de Boussac H , Pommier AJ, Dufour J , Trousson A , Caira F , Volle DH , Baron S , Lobaccaro JM

Bile acids: from digestion to cancers.

Published on 30 Mar 2013 in Biochimie , vol. 95 - pp 504-17

Baptissart M , Vega A , Maqdasy S , Caira F , Baron S , Lobaccaro JM , Volle DH

Emerging roles for LXRs and LRH-1 in female reproduction.

Published on 10 Apr 2013 in Molecular and cellular endocrinology , vol. 368 - pp 47-58

Mouzat K, Baron S , Marceau G , Caira F , Sapin V , Volle DH , Lumbroso S, Lobaccaro JM


Liver X receptors, lipids and their reproductive secrets in the male.

Published on 30 Aug 2011 in Biochimica et biophysica acta , vol. 1812 - pp 974-81

El-Hajjaji FZ, Oumeddour A , Pommier AJ, Ouvrier A, Viennois E, Dufour J , Caira F , Drevet JR, Volle DH , Baron S , Saez F , Lobaccaro JM

Targeting liver X receptors in human health: deadlock or promising trail?

Published on 02 Mar 2011 in Expert opinion on therapeutic targets , vol. 15 - pp 219-32

Viennois E, Pommier AJ, Mouzat K, Oumeddour A , El Hajjaji FZ, Dufour J , Caira F , Volle DH , Baron S , Lobaccaro JM


Liver X Receptor activation downregulates AKT survival signaling in lipid rafts and induces apoptosis of prostate cancer cells.

Published on 06 May 2010 in Oncogene , vol. 29 - pp 2712-23

Pommier AJ, Alves G, Viennois E, Bernard S, Communal Y, Sion B, Marceau G , Damon C, Mouzat K, Caira F , Baron S , Lobaccaro JM


Absence of nuclear receptors for oxysterols liver X receptor induces ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in mice.

Published on 30 Jul 2009 in Endocrinology , vol. 150 - pp 3369-75

Mouzat K, Volat F, Baron S , Alves G, Pommier AJ, Volle DH , Marceau G , DeHaze A, Déchelotte P , Duggavathi R, Caira F , Lobaccaro JM

[Nuclear liver X receptors are involved in the biology of reproduction].

Published on 02 Mar 2009 in Medecine sciences : M/S , vol. 25 - pp 141-4

Mouzat K, Alves G, Pommier A, Viennois E, Pihen T, Caira F , Baron S , A Lobaccaro JM


Liver X receptors regulate adrenal cholesterol balance.

Published on 30 Jul 2006 in The Journal of clinical investigation , vol. 116 - pp 1902-12

Cummins CL, Volle DH , Zhang Y, McDonald JG, Sion B, Lefrançois-Martinez AM , Caira F , Veyssière G, Mangelsdorf DJ, Lobaccaro JM


[Regulation of lipid metabolism by the orphan nuclear receptors].

Published on 30 Jun 2001 in Annales d'endocrinologie , vol. 62 - pp 239-47

Lobaccaro JM , Repa JJ, Lu TT, Caira F , Henry-Berger J , Volle DH , Mangelsdorf DJ


Toxicological evaluation of peroxisome proliferators. Further cellular and molecular aspects.

Published on 27 Dec 1996 in Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences , vol. 804 - pp 716-8

Passilly P, Pacot C, Jannin B, Cherkaoui Malki M, Bardot O , Caira F , Clemencet MC, Latruffe N

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