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Three-dimensional imaging of vascular development in the mouse epididymis.

Published on 13 Jun 2023 in eLife , vol. 12

Damon-Soubeyrand C , Bongiovanni A, Chorfa A , Goubely C , Pirot N, Pardanaud L, Piboin-Fragner L, Vachias C , Bravard S , Guiton R , Thomas JL, Saez F , Kocer A , Tardivel M, Drevet JR , Henry-Berger J


Knockout of glutathione peroxidase 5 down-regulates the piRNAs in the caput epididymidis of aged mice.

Published on 01 Nov 2020 in Asian journal of andrology , vol. 22 - pp 590-601

Chu C, Yu L, Henry-Berger J , Ru YF, Kocer A , Champroux A , Li ZT, He M, Xie SS, Ma WB, Ni MJ, Ni ZM, Guo YL, Fei ZL, Gou LT, Liu Q, Sharma S, Zhou Y, Liu MF, Chen CD, Eamens AL, Nixon B, Zhou YC, Drevet JR , Zhang YL


Oxidative DNA damage in mouse sperm chromosomes: Size matters.

Published on 01 Dec 2015 in Free radical biology & medicine , vol. 89 - pp 993-1002

Kocer A , Henry-Berger J , Noblanc A , Champroux A , Pogorelcnik R , Guiton R , Janny L , Pons-Rejraji H , Saez F , Johnson GD, Krawetz SA, Alvarez JG, Aitken RJ, Drevet JR


Deficient tryptophan catabolism along the kynurenine pathway reveals that the epididymis is in a unique tolerogenic state.

Published on 11 Mar 2011 in The Journal of biological chemistry , vol. 286 - pp 8030-8042

Jrad-Lamine A , Henry-Berger J , Gourbeyre P, Damon-Soubeyrand C , Lenoir A , Combaret L, Saez F , Kocer A , Tone S, Fuchs D, Zhu W, Oefner PJ, Munn DH, Mellor AL, Gharbi N, Cadet R , Aitken RJ, Drevet JR


Longest form of CCTG microsatellite repeat in the promoter of the CD2BP1/PSTPIP1 gene is associated with aseptic abscesses and with Crohn disease in French patients.

Published on 30 Jun 2010 in Digestive diseases and sciences , vol. 55 - pp 1681-8

André MF, Aumaître O, Grateau G, Chamaillard M, Costedoat-Chalumeau N, Cardoso MC, Henry-Berger J , Ramakrishna BS, Delpech M, Piette JC, Creveaux I

Mammalian glutathione peroxidases control acquisition and maintenance of spermatozoa integrity.

Published on 30 Apr 2010 in Journal of animal science , vol. 88 - pp 1321-31

Chabory E, Damon C, Lenoir A , Henry-Berger J , Vernet P, Cadet R , Saez F , Drevet JR


Epididymis seleno-independent glutathione peroxidase 5 maintains sperm DNA integrity in mice.

Published on 30 Jul 2009 in The Journal of clinical investigation , vol. 119 - pp 2074-85

Chabory E, Damon C, Lenoir A , Kauselmann G, Kern H, Zevnik B, Garrel C, Saez F , Cadet R , Henry-Berger J , Schoor M, Gottwald U, Habenicht U, Drevet JR , Vernet P


GPX5, the selenium-independent glutathione peroxidase-encoding single copy gene is differentially expressed in mouse epididymis.

Published on 01 Jan 2008 in Reproduction, fertility, and development , vol. 20 - pp 615-25

Zhang T, Chabory E, Britan A, Grignard E, Pitiot O, Saez F , Cadet R , Henry-Berger J , Vernet P, Drevet JR

A specialized cDNA microarray (Mouse Lipid Chip) reveals hepatic overexpression of serum amyloid a in high-fat diet-fed mice.

Published on 30 Mar 2008 in Hormone and metabolic research = Hormon- und Stoffwechselforschung = Hormones et metabolisme , vol. 40 - pp 228-30

Dejeans N, Auclair S, Henry-Berger J , Lobaccaro JM , Mazur A


Nuclear oxysterol receptors, LXRs, are involved in the maintenance of mouse caput epididymidis structure and functions.

Published on 30 Oct 2004 in Journal of molecular endocrinology , vol. 33 - pp 361-75

Frenoux JM, Vernet P, Volle DH , Britan A, Saez F , Kocer A , Henry-Berger J , Mangelsdorf DJ, Lobaccaro JM , Drevet JR


[Regulation of lipid metabolism by the orphan nuclear receptors].

Published on 30 Jun 2001 in Annales d'endocrinologie , vol. 62 - pp 239-47

Lobaccaro JM , Repa JJ, Lu TT, Caira F , Henry-Berger J , Volle DH , Mangelsdorf DJ


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